Bahamas dating customs

The peaceful Lucayans lived primarily off the sea, fishing and harvesting shellfish, conch, and mollusks.What little remains of their culture is limited to pottery shards, petroglyphs, and words such as canoe, cannibal, hammock, hurricane, and tobacco.There are also many places among the countrys 700 islands and 2,500 cays to disappear into a mangrove forest; explore a coral reef; and escape the high‑rise hotels.

On the other islandsonce known as the Out Islands but now euphemistically called the Family Islandsthe atmosphere is less oriented toward the North American tourist and more toward the rhythms of West Indian life.

The largest island is Andros, with an area of 2,300 square miles and the smallest inhabited island is Spanish Wells, with an area of one-half mile.

The highest point is 206‑foot high Como Hill on Cat Island.

You will certainly be more in tune with the local environment listening to a raken scrape band on a backwater cay than sunning by the pool at a Paradise Island resort.

The Host Country Area, Geography, and Climate Last Updated: 11/26/2003 AM The Islands of the Bahamas lie between 20 and 27N latitude and 72 and 79W longitude.

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