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In a TV landscape where lasting success is incredibly difficult to come by, The Big Bang Theory has defied all odds and managed to survive for a full nine seasons (with at least one more yet to come).In terms of ratings, the show is as popular and successful as ever.

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But the cat is not the least bit intimidated by its fellow roommates and is seen rubbing itself up against the baby, eventually trying it on with the adult rhino too.He very quickly realized he had been taking Amy for granted all this time.And luckily, rather than bring the Sheldon/Amy rift to a swift conclusion after an episode or two, it became fodder for an extended storyline that played out over the first half of the season.More than nay other character, Sheldon grew in significant and tangible ways this season.There was a sense that he learned to temper his behavior and think about the needs of others before his own (at least once in a while).

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