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Other members include Eric Volfange, Rosh Roslin, Timmy Sean Mahoney, Rich Smith, Manny Decoria, Jay Miramontes, W.

Ever wish you had your own personal Carrie Bradshaw to answer your questions — not just about what to do if your boyfriend dumps you via text message — but serious issues that confront us?

Among the defendants, some of the Big Apple's trendiest establishments like the Copacabana Nightclub, A. R Nightclub, Sol and the China Club (whose guest list includes the likes of Derek Jeter and Bruce Springsteen). Over the years, courts have sometimes ruled that private racial or sex discrimination can be imputed where the private actor is an agent of the government.

The legal eagle decided to fight this time-honored tradition after he visited each of these venues on “Ladies' Night” and wasn't extended the same reduced fee or shorter waiting period as the females. Hollander claims that nightclub owners who institute Ladies' Night are state actors merely because they're regulated and licensed by the government.

It's better to be with a community that is honest about wanting to hook up.

Casual Encounters Live Band Karaoke is a Live Band Karaoke Band from Los Angeles, CA.

), and then we're moving on to nightlife and casual encounters.

If you want to do your homework, just check out Craigslist — you'll be amazed. I heard that some brave soul finally did something about this and filed a lawsuit. ” — Todd (Dallas, TX) It's true; a man actually filed a lawsuit against some late night hot spots for promoting Ladies' Night!

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Sensitive isn't the first to bring this kind of lawsuit.

Last month, California ruled against a Los Angeles nightclub that refused to give four men the same Ladies' Night discounts as the women.

And, to round the series off, we'll discuss what happens when your online penpal turns out to be a frog instead of the prince he described himself to be, and whether you can sue. “Lis, I am totally fed up with Ladies' Night and everything it stands for. If she can get a free drink just for showing up, then I want one too. You're probably thinking that most men you know would relish the idea of a club encouraging women to stop by for the evening. Ladies receive the little added incentive of a few dollars off the cover or shorter waiting times behind the elusive velvet rope while men have the assurance of knowing that they'll be in some good company. Manhattan attorney Roy Den Hollander says that by offering Ladies' Night enticements, the clubs violate the 14th Amendment's guarantee of equal protection under the law.

His class action suit accuses several New York City clubs of “invidious discrimination” against men in their policies for admitting patrons. Hollander actually have a case against Ladies' Night? The Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment says that a “state” may not “deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” However, the Amendment does not ban discrimination by private parties.

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