Dating after filing for divorce in tennessee

If you and your spouse are living separate and apart, even sleeping in separate bedrooms, you are legally separated under Tennessee divorce law.There is no court filing or proceeding required for you to be legally separated.

No matter how good your attorney is, if the other side’s attorney is not cooperating or doesn’t seem to be working toward an amicable resolution of the case, the cost of divorce will be considerable.

The judge assigned to the case can make short shrift of divorce cases with little to no assets when one spouse insists on fighting.

Some judges will, at a pendente lite hearing, enter a scheduling order and set a very short deadline to get the case resolved or set the case for trial.

If there are disagreements between spouses and they are unable to come to an agreement to all terms of the Martial Dissolution Agreement (MDA) and Permanent Parenting Plan (PPP), if there are minor children, then you can get a divorce based on fault grounds.

This is called a contested divorce, and is much more costly than an agreed upon irreconcilable differences divorce.

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