Dating black guys in

“and,” Amy began, “society already takes so much from Black men, so perhaps, as a result, they just can’t fathom giving any more of themselves away,” which she says accounts for the romantic disparity between Black men and non-POCs. And, of course, there certainly are romantic Black men and non-romantic non-POCs.But I can’t help but notice a greater trend of Black men not wanting to risk it – putting their fragile hearts out on the line – in comparison to non-POCs. More often than not, I’ve had Black men invite me into their mama’s homes, late at night when she’s sleeping, for a little “Netflix and chill” (ugh, I know the phrase is to those types of “first dates” anyway.But the most absurd part of this is, after I “ghost” em, they swamp me with questions about why I disappeared.Our portrait was perfectly hung and constantly dusted for shine.But whenever he would call, I would let my phone ring until the screen went black. ” “Soon,“ I would say, as though there was more urgency in believing it to be true.

This dynamic doesn’t bode well for just happenstance, one must wonder, “Where the hell does this backwards thinking comes from? ” My friend was gushing about the whimsical first date she had last week.While I was all heart-eyed along with her, my guy friend was unmoved and asked her one question: “Is he white? He threw his hands up and scoffed as if to say, “How did I know?” Under his breath, he then muttered, “simp.” My guy friend, a Black man, didn’t have to spell it out for us.It was clear what he was hinting at – in his eyes, it’s more typical of a non-POC man to go through all the trouble to win over a woman’s heart. Pfft, he a trend of some Black men, well, “holding back” when it comes to putting their best romantic foot forward.

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