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But if male bisexuality remains underground, then there's no way to have an open conversation about it and the myths and challenges surrounding it.Once that conversation is out in the open, we would soon reach an important question: why does it matter if men are bisexual or not?Few would disagree that it’s seen as more acceptable for women to show affection to one another and be more physically close than men are. Many bisexual men are also in relationships with women who have no idea their partner likes both her and other "hims".

Women tend to be more flexible in their sexuality, but whether that’s innate or a function of living in a society where Katy Perry is worshipped for singing a song called ‘I Kissed a Girl’, and Madonna snogs Britney Spears on stage, remains to be seen.

If you have a problem overseas you can ask the local British Embassy or consulate for help.

We won’t make generalisations, assumptions or pass judgement.

Many writers and psychologists have wondered whether most self-confessed male bisexuals are simply homosexual men either in denial or trying to “have it both ways” - having sex with men while holding on to heterosexual privilege.

Aside from the potential hurt that may be caused if the bisexuality is revealed, bisexual men face a real threat of abuse or violence.

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