Dating for beginners new era

Excitement grew over the staggering number of amazing finds that were being made by the early pioneers of metal detecting.Museum cabinets soon began to fill as more and more treasures came to light.The Water Newton hoard and the Thetford hoard are just two examples of some of the fabulous treasures that came to light in those early years.Enthusiasm for the hobby grew and it became an increasingly popular pastime.The realisation that co-operation could bring far greater benefits than confrontation has, in many cases, resulted in good working relationships in some parts of the country.Examples of this “symbiosis” have certainly been demonstrated in recent years when major archaeological discoveries have been made by detectorists and left in situ for the archaeologists to excavate.

The introduction of microprocessor technology has revolutionised metal detecting just as it has all other aspects of our lives.Towards the end of the 1960s, however, new technology appeared that would change that system and grant the privilege of handling old or ancient finds to the mainstream public. By the 1970s, however, metal detector technology had improved dramatically.The machines that began appearing on the market were vastly superior to their rather basic predecessors, and this was reflected in the number of amazing discoveries that were being made.There have even been cases where long held beliefs about the past have had to be revised owing to discoveries made by metal detectorists.A classic example of this occurred in Germany in the last decade.

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