Dating lynn strait

His marriage with Lynn seemed like a hasty decision to everyone but he proved everyone wrong. But in the end, the marriage reached its tragic end in 2013.The pair exchanged vows on December 23, 2007, in front of a small crowd, which covered their parents and relatives. Coming back to their divorce, the pair didn't tell about the main reason for their divorce and filed irreconcilable difference as the main reason.

This record is a nice tribute to a man who could’ve been a big force in music, and a nice example of the community-like nature of musicians in certain circles.

Though the actor was once married to fellow actress, Lynn Collins, and we all know how it worked out for both of them.

So, currently, is he going out with someone or still single?

Just had this thing kickin' around the computer for far too long, finally realized there wasn't much to be said for an album that was a hybrid of a band/tribute thing, so hopefully this makes some sort of sense..not, the monkey's off my back regardless.

The actress is currently married, however, she has been in some pretty huge public romances prior to her marriage with Matthew Boyle in 2014.

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