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The reproductive rights situation in El Salvador started to receive international headlines in 2013.Then, a young woman initially identified only by her first name, Beatriz, suffering from lupus and several months pregnant with her second child, was told that the foetus was diagnosed with anencephaly, meaning the baby would be born with no brain or with a significant part of it missing. Doctors said her medical condition made carrying the baby to term a threat to the mother’s life.“Sonia’s case, like Guadalupe and those of Las 17, all demonstrate how the country’s extreme hostility towards abortion has led to laws that repeatedly send innocent women to prison,” said Natalia Garzon, a spokesperson for the Centre for Reproductive Rights in Washington.She said the Salvadoran Congress to announce how it it will proceed with a bill that if passed, would legalise abortion in limited circumstances.Her family found her collapsed and bleeding, and the baby was born dead or died soon afterwards.Her family took her to a health centre, fearful for her life.personally feel about yourself when you are with this person.Abusive relationships are not usually abusive every second.

Maria Teresa Rivera, who was for 40 years after being convicted of aggravated homicide, was released in 2016 after serving five years.

With the support of campaigners trying to fight anti-abortion laws that make no exception for rape, incest or the health of the mother, Ms Tábora was freed from jail in 2012.

However, at the end of 2014, her case went for a second review by a court panel to determine whether she would go back to prison or remain free.

Her case was appealed all the way to the country’s supreme court, which ruled doctors could not terminate her pregnancy.

Eventually, as her health became ever more precarious, she was given a caesarean section when the foetus was 27 weeks. Another women, Guadalupe Vásquez, was imprisoned for more than seven years after losing the baby she conceived when she was raped at the age of 17.

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