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The two resulting transformations are concatenated and then applied to the original low res image to create an Output image that is a version of the low res image transformed (resliced) to the reference image space. For 3D to 3D mode the DOF can be set to 12 (affine), 9 (traditional), 7 (global rescale) or 6 (rigid body).In 2D to 2D mode only 3 DOF (rigid body) transformations are allowed.

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It initially registers the low res image to a High res image and then registers this high res image to the final Reference image.

Weighting volumes can be specified using -refweight, -inweight (or both).

This allows the cost function to have a different weighting at each voxel, which is useful for excluding areas (weight=0) of no interest, or increasing the weighting around important structures such as the ventricles.

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