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On Sunday, I helped Paula and Dan load the buses in Seattle to go to Vancouver to board Holland America Lines ms Zaandam for yet another Alaska cruise/tour.

Paula and Dan are with their group of 188 Travel With Alan travelers, sailing up the Inside Passage.

Yesterday I got to see a bunch of travelers boarding buses to go off to Alaska for a two-week adventure by land and sea.

I used to go on this ship all the time, but its been 12 years since Ive been aboard.Along the way, they will have some great port calls in the Canadian Maritimes, Iceland, Greenland, and Northern Europe.They will return to Boston in the middle of September, with many interesting stories, Im sure!Meanwhile, this week, we have had four different groups in Alaska; we have our 14-day Alaska cruise, our 11-day Anchorage cruise tour, our 14-day Fairbanks Alaska cruise/tour and our 11-day Alaska and Yukon tour.We also have our European river cruise group aboard their Legendary Rhine cruise, and our Royal Caribbean group doing their Scandinavia and Russia cruise.

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