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23, 1877; son of Chun and Julia Hope (F^yer- weather) Afong; educated, govern- ment school, Oahu College (Hono- lulu), Harvard College, A. 1903; married Anna Elizabeth Whiting of Davenport, Iowa, May 2, 1906; four children: Elizabeth, Mary, Kather- ine and Julia. (Honolulu), 1898-1899; with Waterhouse Trust Co., 1904-1905; engaged in stock and bond business alone, Honolulu, 1906-1915; became associated with Guardian Trust Co., Ltd., Honolulu, and its secretary Feb. Member and ex-presi- dent Honolulu Stock and Bond Ex- change; member Chamber of Com- merce, University Club, Oahu Coun- try Club, Hawaii Polo & Racing As- sociation. ANGUS, GEORGE HIBBARD, mer- chant, Honolulu; born at Amherst, Nova Scotia, March 7, 1874; son of John Morris and Sara (West) Angus; educated at Punahou Pre- paratory School and Oahu College, Honolulu; married Elizabeth Grace in Honolulu, June 17, 1903; two children: Jean Elizabeth and Don- ald. Member Pacific Club, Hawaii Polo & Rac- ing Assn., Myrtle Boat Club, Oahu Country Club (president 1916), Commercial Club (president 1914), Elks (Exalted Ruler 1905), Aloha Temple A.

AGEE, HAMILTON POPE, director Experiment Station of Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association, Hono- lulu: born December 9, 1884, at Memphis, Tenn., son of George W.

Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. Castle & Cooke, Ltd., Honolulu; bom at Walluku, Island of Maui, Sept. Began career as secretary San Jose Woolen Mills, 1875-77; followed mining in Nevada, Idaho and California, 1877- 81; with B.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. 27, 1874; son of Goodale and Lucia (Peck) Arm- strong; educated at Oahu College, Honolulu; married Hildegarde Eaton in Honolulu, April 18, 1913.

Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. George, John Le- land, Catherine Margaret, Dorothy Marian, Anna Shaw.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. Educated in schools of San Jose, was graduated from San Jose High School. (Honolulu), 1881-83; associated with Grove Ranch Plantation, Maui, 1884- 87; secretary Board of Health (Ha- waii) 1887-1889; secretary and sup- erintendent Oahu Railway & Land Co., 1889-93; with Bishop & Co., Bankers, 1898-1901; Honolulu Plan- tation, 1901-07; E.

Mem- ber University Club, Oahu Country Club and Pacific Club. 1901; married Emily Elizabeth Rossberg in Hono- lulu, March 14, 1917. C, April 24, 1873; son of Perley Johnson and Julia Orilla (Smythe) Aiken; direct descendant of John Howland, passenger on "Mayflower," and Geo. Began as clerk in John Kaelemakule's store and sub-agent of public lands, 3rd Land District, Kailua, N. H.; returned same year to Seattle and joined staff of Post-Intelligencer, Jan.

Al, CHUNG K., merchant, Honolulu; bom at Saisan, Kwong Tung, Chi- na, Nov. Practised dentistry on Island of Maui since 1901, giving special attention to Or- thodontia (regulating and straight- ening of teeth); has made consid- erable Koa furniture and novelties in his own shop, which is quite complete. Ross, of Revolutionary War fame, aide on Washington's staff and brother-in-law of Betsy Ross, of U. flag fame; educated, Oakland High School (Cal.); married Helen M. ACHI BIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCE LIBRARY 17 Board of Mass., summers 19; became a member and an officer of, and served under the Board of the Hawaiian Evangelical Association of the Territory of Hawaii, Nov., 1911; started Young People's League of Honolulu, Feb. Member Kilauea Lodge, Masons, Scotish Rite bodies, and Mystic Shrine. Kona, Hawaii; appointed Deputy Tax As- sessor and Collector, North Kona District, Jan. post- master, Kailua, 1905-1910; clerk, Third Circuit Court, Territory of Hawaii, 1910-12; elected Supervisor from the second representative dis- trict. Member of the Seaside Club, Kamehameha Lodge and Forresters. 1, 1906; edi- tor Washington Magazine (month- ly), 1907-08; newspaper work, Post- Intelligencer, 1908-10; city editor Evening Bulletin, Honolulu, and on amalgamation of Bulletin and Ha- waiian Star, July 1, 1912, became editor of Honolulu Star-Bulletin. A., Honolulu; born at Saybrook, Ohio, May 28, 1885; son of Grandville O. (Jeffers) Andrus; edu- cated at Oberlin College, Ohio, graduated 1912, A. A., Honolulu, 1916-17; assist- ant secretary of Army and Navy Y.

Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. Became associated with the firm of Castle & Cooke, Ltd., upon finishing school and has served in different capaci- ties until made assistant treasurer of the corporation, June 16, 1909. You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I Ih \ I .' ♦ t 4 wa at various dates between 18. ADAMS, WILLIAM DENNETT, music, Honolulu; bom April 27, 1874, at Haverhill, Mass.; son of James E. (Ayer) Adams; mar- ried Susanna Cook, in Honolulu, March 13, 1908; educated in public and private schools of Haverhill, Mass.; commenced career in piano business, Boston, Mass., 1892; en- tered into dramatic work, 1894; vis- ited Honolulu with the Janet Wal- dorf Shakespearian Company, 1899; re-entered music business with Berg- strom Music Co., Ltd., Honolulu, of which corporation he is president. Organizer of the Japanese- American Citizens' Association of Hawaii, the first of its kind to be started in the United States and encourages Hawaiian bom Japan- ese to become true American citi- zens, president of this organization since 1915. Was manager of the old Hawaiian Opera House, 1900-1917; has been instrumental in publishing a large quantity of Hawaiian music and stood sponsor for many dramatic art- ists of world fame who have visited the Territory of Hawaii. ARLEDGE, ARTHUR EDWARD, civil engineer, Honolulu; bom Nov. ; son of John Manning and Mary Elizabeth (Rish- er) Arledge; married Clara Bingham Sutherland, March 20, 1912, in Hon- olulu; two children — Arthur Edward Jr., and May Annette; descendant of Isaac D. Received early education in public schools of Mississippi and graduated from high school of Poplarville, Miss., gradu- ated in civil engineering from Uni- versity of Mississippi, 1903; began professional career with Louisville & Nashville railroad; U. Engi- neer's office on improvements to the Mississippi river, 1904-07; U. Lighthouse service 1907 to date, and at present inspector of 19th district (Hawaii).

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