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This makes withdrawing from Valium, or Valium withdrawal syndrome, just as difficult as alcohol and other substances.

If you are planning to stop taking Valium and want to know which side effects stop taking Valium to expect you are in the right place.

Because of the nature of Valium, symptoms will seem to get easier and then suddenly spike with the strength you felt at the beginning of the withdrawal symptoms. Acute withdrawal lasts from 3-6 days, while other symptoms can persist for weeks or months later.

The onset of Valium withdrawal symptoms begins a few hours after the last dose of Valium has worn off.

Your body will experience tremors, sweating, and agitation.

the taper was long and sometimes hell but these last 6 weeks have been pure hell and filled with intense anxiety, aggitation and stress, I was put on Diazepam for chronic headaches so having to deal with all these new and bizzare anxiety symptons is more than hard to deal with, how long more could this last as im off work 6 weeks and they keep asking when will I be back but I cant say for now based on how I feel. Thank you Sam Hi I was given diazepam in the beginning of October for a. It used to provide short term relief for anxiety and has been used to help to support alcoholics from recovery.Though Valium is used to help support initial chemical detox processes, Valium itself has a high dependency rate.Furthermore, “rebound symptoms” can occur, which may manifest in high levels of anxiety.However, these symptoms should begin to decline about 6-8 weeks after quitting Valium.24 – 72 hours Valium withdrawal: Withdrawal from Valium mimics that of alcohol.

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