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Police investigating the Emily online chat raided his home last year. He denied encouraging three men to attempt to get indecent images from “Emily” and the charges were ordered to lie on file.

They found 1,691 indecent and extreme images, including children as young as seven. Prosecutor Charles Falk said Cox had been working for the Metropolitan Police with responsibility for the security of embassies, Parliament and royal family.

Les chats, comme tous les mammifères, ont deux chromosomes sexuels : X et Y.

La mère donne le chromosome X et le père peut donner un chromosome X ou Y.

Les chromosomes sexuels déterminent le sexe et chacun d'entre eux est apporté par l'un des géniteurs.

Les chats tricolores, également connus sous le nom de chats calico ou écaille de tortue se caractérisent par un motif de couleur unique sur le pelage.

Leurs poils contiennent de l'orange, du noir et du blanc. Chez les chats, il existe trois couleurs de base : noir, orangé et blanc.

Shridhar asked “Emily” for photos to “cheer” him up as he chatted in February and March last year.

He told her: “Naughty of me to ask, but have you got any pics where you have to wear your school uniform?

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