Ralph fiennes is dating

It would require some acting on the part of the model, but the effect could come out very well. There is a film starring Amber Rayne from Gruesome Horror that is (was? In regards to the soldering iron scenes there is a really good one from Elite Pain called "Elite Club 19th Case".

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More importantly the level of sexual violence coincides closely with my personal taste. Thanks Darkness Monger: I do remember a story by that name (Undisclosed Sources) with that plot but the soldering iron doesn't ring a bell. The good news is I only have a few paragraphs left to write.

Here is my poser of Amy on the rack in Justine with a hopeful suggestion of a bush fire torture scene idea.

Or maybe other Gimp lady perhaps on the wheel bush set on fire torture scene.

I'd seen the above picture before but never knew what it was from, nor that it involved the horse. Does that mean her torture is over or is there more to come? Back in the pre-internet days I bought a paperback titled "Girl Tamers" that was very likely my all time favorite of the hundreds and hundreds of BDSM novels I've read.

Years later, I ran across a short story in BDSM Library that was so like one of the chapters in "Girl Tamers" that I contacted the author, 'Pamela' and chided her (or him) for plagiarizing the story I had read (several times) years earlier. The title of this one is "The Mechanics of Love." Gosh, I do love the pear.

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