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Not afraid to show off even more skin, Mariah later swapped the gown for a sequin military-style jacket and skimpy leotard - which cut off high at her thigh to leave her long legs on show.

Adding sky-high gold heels and styling her hair into big, bouncy waves, the singer was the picture of confidence as she strutted her stuff onstage.

It is no wonder the dancer could not take his eyes off Mariah, as she sizzled in a number of raunchy ensembles for her famous Christmas show.

Speaking about his early work with Carey, he told E!

News: 'Something connected with us back in the day and there was just a mutual admiration.

He disappeared at mid-season, as a result putting all three sisters on the dating market. This short lived show was a breath of fresh air in the stale and pre-packaged atmosphere of TV-land.

Not only did it feature (very) beautiful women with real figures, but it actually contained fresh plot ideas mixed with wonderful oddball humor.

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    She has one definite advantage to a young girl – a rich life experience and wisdom that came with age.

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