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With lectures, clinical responsibilities, a family, and the occasional need to sleep, I’ll assume that they can devote at most 5 hrs of every 168-hr week to forging their .

The blog gives you a simple forum where you can get feedback from your readers, thereby molding the book into what they respond to the most. Without the live interviewer, it will be too easy for you to lapse into jargon, make leaps of logic that are perfectly obvious to you but opaque to your reader, and basically to be on track to crank out a book with an audience of one. The more the interviewer approximates the average reader of your book, the more honest he’ll keep you. Because you’re hiring him to keep you honest, to ask for clarification and to stop your flights of self-indulgent fancy before they hit the page. Aim to have the answer to each question with sub-questions take 30-60min.Lately, I’ve been talking to many of my friends about getting their books published.Not that they have big, fat manuscripts lying around just waiting to be published.To do this, go get a URL from, preferably with your name on it, get some hosting from, take 3min to install the 1-click Wordpess software, and go to it. Do this right, and the book writes itself in your spare time. Let’s assume you’re going to do an interview that covers the most important topics in your field. You should aim for 60-90min sessions, which means that doing the whole book will take 8-12 sessions.Writing a 50,000 word book at the blindingly fast rate of 500 words per hour would take you at least 100 hours. This method will take 1-4 weeks, depending on your level of determination, saving you 80-95% of your time. An hour of speech is 25-30 pages of text, depending on how fast you talk.

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