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‘Las Peregrinas’ — The traveling group of California women poets hosts a performance at 7 p.m. In 2011, Irish America magazine in New York City named him one of the “Top 100 Irish Americans” of the year. Barbara has published poetry and short fiction in various small magazines. 27: “Micro Fiction-the Shortest Story” by Tafari Nugent. Scofield is author of “And the Ass Saw the Lamb,” as well as “Sun Flower Cantos.” She is a founding member of Tumbleweeds Project. Assistant coach Steve Pytel is the dominant figure, but characters such as head coach Jack Hood; assistant coaches Tyrone Gage and Ernie Lancha; basketball players Jamal Davis and Leonard Redmond, and even the team’s former head coach each get a chapter written in their respective voices.

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For example, one plot point centers on the highly profitable summer camps run by college coaches. Black Cat Sunday Poets — Black Cat Books and Coffee, 128 Broadway in Truth or Consequences, N. Their unpredictable destinies cross a fiery path on the third Tuesday of April 2016. Three signature characters are absorbed in their own personal search for the meaning of life.Instead, it’s all about the personalities of coaches and players, and the various choices they make.Bradburd, who left coaching for writing and teaching (at NMSU), probably put much of himself into the main character.

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