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The shudder of dawning realization is worth the effort.

Other, more widely appreciated stories also make use of what is left untold to chill our blood.

A few of my personal favorites are considered sub-par offerings when ranked alongside James’s more renowned tales.

One of these is , in which our unnamed narrator recounts his discovery of odd, incomplete fragments of what appears to be an inquest into the mysterious death of a Dr Quinn in the eighteenth century.

However, it wasn’t officially part of the series, which began in earnest with 1971’s The Stalls Of Barchester.

Attempts to revive the tradition have been made on a number of occasions, most recently with Mark Gatiss’s deliciously unsettling version of The Tractate Middoth in 2013.What James brings to the creaking, dust-smeared table is the ability to lure us in with an atmosphere of ominous quiet, introducing us to his small cast of characters at a leisurely pace, before ratcheting up the tension to unbearable levels with each revelation of the horror lingering within a dilapidated country house, or haunting the most obscure recesses of a library.If, in the noble tradition of the diligent investigator of matters spectral – or that of the bungling berk destined to be offed first, depending on your preferred variety of horror – we look beyond the best-known examples of his work, we’re rewarded with some gems far beyond the reach of your average doomed treasure hunter.The gaps in the narrative caused by the partial information we’re given are only made more glaring by a strange and seemingly unrelated news item with which the story concludes.It takes us a few careful readthroughs, with a bit of assistance from deep within the bowels of Wikipedia, for the logical leaps to be made.

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