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A key characteristic of de facto divorcés is a lack of sex.

Relationship coach Francine Kaye, who runs uk, says she increasingly encounters couples whose dealings with one another are purely practical rather than emotional.

But just why are so many of us living apart together under the same roof? And is it possible to rekindle the flames of passion when you’ve lost any sense of togetherness?

According to relationship psychologist Glenn Wilson, modern couples are suffering from too much equality.

In striving to have it all, women have gained a stronghold in the workplace, but lost a crucial role in the domestic sphere – that of nurturing family life.

Today, however, they are both readjusting to their new roles, which a friend admits, ‘has put pressure on them.It’s a soulless way to live, but de facto divorcés are usually too preoccupied – juggling career, kids and the dry cleaning – to notice the vacuum at the heart of family life.When conversations are confined to logistics – who’s taking the car in for its MOT, or picking up the children from football practice – there’s not much scope for endearments, much less a quick cuddle.I wish it were different and I do fantasise about rekindling our emotional intimacy, but I wouldn’t know where to start,’ she adds.Where once husbands and wives might have stayed together for the sake of the children, these days it’s just as likely to be inertia or the mortgage that stops them splitting up.

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